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March 09, 2012

Modular Housing to Come to the Philippines

Container House

The Solid Group has teamed up with Yahgee Modular House Co. Ltd. to bring Filipinos affordable housing made more affordable through prefab technologies.
Solid Group president David Lim recently brought representatives from the Chinese firm on a tour around Manila to look at housing conditions in the country.

A Yahgee's Modular Hotel in Australia

Yahgee manufactures standard or customized modular housing units using insulated metal technology.  The materials are made of steel, including the roofing and the walls.  The panelling are composed of a colored steel composite panel with sandwich materials consisting of expanded polystyrene, rock wool,  and glass wool.
Yahgee has given Solid Group the exclusive rights to distribute their products.  Depending on the market’s response, there is a possibility of the firm manufacturing the units too, here in the Philippines.

Commercial Building

Solid Group has pledged to build a classroom each month for the next five years through DepEd’s adopt-a-school program.  These will be situated in various schools in QC, Marikina, Paranaque, Taguig, Lucena, Manila, Taguig and Cavite.The Taguig LGU has already ordered 36 units for classrooms and day care centers. In Nueva Ecija, 4 classrooms were built in just a week and they were able to withstand the wrath of the past two storms.
Renowned architects Ed Calma and William Coscolluela have indicated their desires in lending their names to Solid Group’s project in constructing cheap housing units for urban renewal areas in Manila.
The unit sizes will range from 18 to 20 square meters each.  MyRainbow Place will be 3 story buildings designed to cater to young professionals or young families with no more than two children.
According to PAGIBIG computations, with financing, monthly amortization will be between 3 to 5k per unit.  Other developers charge a minimum of 10,000 pesos.  All units will be fully furnished and fitted with customized toilets and baths.
Solid Group’s top executive was also the man responsible for the brandname MyPhone and had made Sony a household name in the country.
A number of LGUs and companies also intend on having employee housing projects using the prefab technology, which has already been jointly patented locally by Yahgee and MyHouse.

source: Philstar

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